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Shelley Posen

SHELLEY POSEN is a songwriter, author and performer of his own and traditional songs. He writes in too many styles and on too many subjects (canoes to codfish, seders to Sacred Harp) for him to be “genre-fied.” But his songs are widely recognized for their wit, craftsmanship and their profound effect on listeners. They have been recorded by artists across Canada, the United States, and Great Britain, and sung around campfires and in living rooms by people who love a good song.

Shelley is a member of the much-admired vocal trio, Finest Kind; he performs with them at folk festivals and concerts on both sides of the Atlantic. He has recorded 3 CDs of his own and 5 with Finest Kind. more...

JUST PUBLISHED! Christmas Canoe book
The Christmas Canoe
Shelley Posen
Illustrated by Magdalene Carson

Shelley’s new traditional story of how Père Noël brings Christmas to the snowbound crew of an old-time Ottawa Valley logging shanty. Told in perfect rhymes à la Robert W. Service: “I spent most of my youth cutting timber for Booth, the Ottawa’s old lumber king …” More...

Shelley's CDs, learn more
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Shelley Posen
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